The Good, Days Of The Past at Porto’s Bakery in Glendale

The Good, Past at Porto’s Bakery in Glendale

Eating is obviously great. Consuming for discount is way better. Eating great meals, for cheap…the most useful. No further was this more true compared to one of the best bakeries positioned in Glendale.

Porto’s bakery happens to be a well-established bakery for several years and had been among my personal favorite café/bakery to seize a quick bite. The food there’s like hardly any other and they’re well known inside San Fernando location. Once I familiar with go to college in Glendale, one of my friends and I also would very often pick Porto’s as the location for lunch. We had been regular customers not only because their meals had been special and delicious, but also since it had been great food for an excellent cost. My pal and I also, becoming both college students and 1 / 2 broke, could get: two Cuban sandwiches, two guava and cheese pastries, four potato balls, two beef pies, one mango mousse (which was my wilderness), a tiramisu (my pal’s desert), and two fresh squeezed lime drinks all for a maximum of eighteen bucks. Her and I would spend no more than nine dollars each and then have more than the full meal. Most of the times, the additional pastries and deserts is kept for later on since the Cuban sandwich alone had been big enough to keep you full for a few hours. I was always surprised at number of meals I would get with all the amount of cash I paid. Porto’s was able to offer just what no fast-food joint could: food that was enjoyable, tasty, didn’t allow you to be desire to gag after you ate it, and a lot of significantly, inexpensive.

Unfortuitously, since my times of Porto’s galore in your day, the values have steadily increased within the previous 12 months. Even though the meals remains incredibly good, the costs no longer tend to be…sadness. However, when I have the opportunity to have pleasure in the goodness this is certainly Porto’s, i simply remember returning to the occasions where I would pay just twenty-five dollars for a potato ball and I would cheerfully have pleasure in it while relaxing within playground considering about all the money I experienced saved…those were the occasions.

Recently, i came across a brand new website called that helps me to find even more discounts and voucher for eating low priced. I am hoping to get another restaurant like Porto’s Bakery!

Recently, I discovered a web site known as that will help me to discover even more deals and voucher for eating inexpensive. I am hoping discover another restaurant like Porto’s Bakery!